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Home Businesses – What They Don’t Tell You

When is the best time to invest in a home business? December….yes RIGHT NOW!!

Investing in a small business in December gives you the opportunity to write off your inventory purchase against your taxes. If you’ve ever wanted to earn extra money working a few hours per week, now is the time to invest.

You can also write off the products you buy as samples throughout the year. Let’s say if you have some weight to lose and you want your family to live healthier we have a wonderful program just for you.

Imagine, you can write off your weight loss! Not only do we have a proven weight loss program, but also personal care products, digestive health products, energy and fitness products, immunity solutions, heart health products, etc.

Having a home base business won’t make you dread doing your taxes. You will be looking forward to writing off products that made you lose weight and look amazing.

How about products your family use everyday? Shampoo, soap, skin care, bath and body care, healthy aging products, body essentials, hair essentials, fragrances, children’s health products and so much more. You can write off all those products too. You get to buy your household products from your own business and the best of all is that you get to turn your family expenses into business expenses.

How can this not be good management. You have the chance to turn your personal expenses into business expenses.

Here are examples of turning your personal expenses into business expenses.:

Normal family expenses:

$20,000 per year =

  • $4845 in taxes non deductible
  • $1530 in CPP SS non deductible
  • $1100 in gas non deductible 10 miles per day
  • $6250 daycare non deductible $125 p/w
  • $1250 for meals at work non deductible $7.00 p/d
  • $1200 dry cleaning etc non deductible
  • TAKE HOME PAY – $1,113.00 per year!
  • $110.00 per month to put up with a BOSS

Tax benefits of a home based business:

Tax Benefits – You can use these tax savings

  • A portion of your rent or mortgage
  • A portion of your mortgage interest
  • A portion of your utilities and insurance
  • All of your internet connection bill
  • All of your cell phone bill
  • All of your computer, printers, modems & software
  • Your product use as samples
  • The cost of up to 3 cars through your home business
  • The cost of medical, dental, care for you, your spouse and your kids. (Self insured Med plan – your kids for expenses as their employer, employee fringe benefit)
  • Most of the cost of your family vacation by combining your vacation with business activities
  • The cost of university or college tuition for your kids By hiring them in your business, pay them same cost of their tuition

Are money signs showing up in your mind? They should be.

If you’ve always wanted to start a Home Based Business, now is the time to invest.

Don’t miss out on your dreams of becoming your own boss one day and enjoying the life, health and freedom you deserve.